Cruisair CoolBreeze Boat Exterior Cooling Kits

Keep People On Deck Cool With Jets of Chilled Air

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CoolBreeze system components: RSC12 condensing unit, remote electrical box, dual SCE6 evaporating units, and adjustable air nozzles

CoolBreeze provides an efficient and compact solution to exterior deck areas which may be too hot to enjoy during warmer weather. CoolBreeze blows high-velocity jets of chilled air directly on people, enhancing their enjoyment of outdoor dining and lounge areas and sport-fishing decks.

To maintain the vessel’s aesthetic appeal, CoolBreeze uses 3 in. (76 mm) PVC conduit that is easily hidden, leaving only the one-inch adjustable air nozzles that concentrate the chilled air on people.

A single switch activates the system which will run automatically based on two temperature set points. The first is set to a lower temperature to blow ambient air, and the second is set to a higher temperature to engage the compressor for chilled air. CoolBreeze will run until the ambient temperature drops and will power off in reverse.

The system uses R-417A, an environmentally safe refrigerant approved by the EPA. CoolBreeze can be easily incorporated during boat construction, but can also be retrofitted.

Key Benefits:

• Allows the use of outdoor areas previously too hot to enjoy during warmer weather
• Highly-efficient system for cooling people on deck exteriors rather than interior spaces
• Operates automatically based on ambient outdoor temperature
• Unobtrusive installation maintains the vessel’s aesthetic appeal
• Easily incorporated during boat construction but can also be retrofitted
• SCE evaporators are insulated against secondary condensation
• Environmentally safe R-417A refrigerant
• Insulated condensate pan with anti-slosh, anti-fungal foam lining