Cruisair RM Modulating Condensing Units

Capable of Cooling Up to Five Zones

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The new RM model remote modulating condensing units are the next generation of directexpansion,
cooling only air conditioning units designed to run multiple cooling units (evaporators)
with up to five independent zones. Models are available in capacities of 24, 30 and 42,000 BTU/Hr.
Total cooling unit capacity should be within 15% of the condensing unit capacity.

The new RM model has a number of improvements. Higher efficiency compressors deliver full
capacity even under heavy loads. The newly designed, one-piece electrical box with 3 ft. (0.9 m)
cable can be remote mounted simply by removing one screw. Additional service ports have been
added for ease of charging and servicing. The one-piece chassis/pan has two new drain locations.
New style hold-down brackets secure all four corners and allow for easier installation and removal.

The RM assembly consists of a scroll compressor, cupronickel condenser, and service/base
valves, all mounted on a newly designed condensate drain pan. Custom designed components
that protect the compressor when operating at full and partial loads include: high and low pressure
switches, large capacity receiver and accumulator, hot gas bypass valve, and a thermal expansion
de-superheat valve. The bypass valve senses low suction pressure when cooling units are shut
off, and allows refrigerant to bypass back into the compressor. The de-superheat valve evaporates
refrigerant into the compressor when superheat is too high.

An electrical control and relay box is mounted on the chassis, but can be remote mounted on a 3
ft. (0.9 m) harness for easy access. It includes control triggers, time delay, power relay, and start
and run capacitors with a solid state relay for single-phase units, or a contactor for three-phase

It is designed to be installed in the engine room or other mechanical space, and is not adversely
affected by moisture, vibration, or ambient temperatures up to 140°F (60°C). No ventilation is

Key Benefits:

• One RM condenser can cool up to five independent zones
• Hot-gas bypass and de-superheat valves
• High-efficiency scroll compressors
• Service ports on refrigerant lines and base valves
• Compressor vibration-isolation mounts minimize noise and vibration
• Condensate drain pan with front and rear drain stems
• Condensate drain pan with front and rear drain stems
• Corner mounting brackets for easier installation
• High- and low-pressure switches
• Electrical box can be mounted remotely
• Optional seawater coil manifolds
• Additional vibration isolation kit available
• Charged, tested, and leak checked at the factory